Sunday, December 15, 2013

So Close and Yet So Far

Just as a quick catch-up....

Since October 22nd, we have been waiting on the one piece of paperwork that makes us court date eligible.  This letter comes from the federal MOWCYA office (Ministry of Women, Children and Youth Affairs, commonly referred to as "mowa", pronounced mow-uh).  The last time that I posted, I was sharing that MOWCYA staff were conducting an investigation and, as a result of that, no letters would be issued for up to 30 days.

As it turns out, the staff at MOWCYA were back in their offices in less than 30 days (praise!); however, late last week we learned that our case is, in fact, experiencing yet another "hiccup".

As a result of the investigation, all cases coming from ONE specific region must now be approved by the Director of that region's MOWCYA office (previously, anyone within the office could sign off on a case) before the case goes on to the federal MOWCYA office (where our paperwork has been hanging out since our Preliminary Hearing on October 22nd.

SO, as you might have guessed by now, our case came from the affected region.  What this means is that our agency's in-country staff retrieved our paperwork from the federal MOWCYA office and hand-delivered it BACK to the regional office for the director's approval.  Once that is done, the paperwork will make it's way (again) back to the federal office for that long-awaited final letter that will allow us to be scheduled for a court/travel date.

I'll be honest, I struggle to know how to end this post.  Yes, God's timing is perfect.  Yes, we trust in Him and it (His timing).  Yes, we are tired of waiting.  Yes, we long to meet our daughter.  Yes, we are thankful that you still care.  And, yes, we're okay....because she's worth it all!

There's nothing like adoption to teach you to depend on Him each and every moment of each and every day.