Saturday, March 31, 2012

Another 'While We Wait' Post

Here we are at the end of another month (our third end-of-the month) since we were officially placed on the waiting list.  It could be our last end-of-the month (before we get a referral, that is) or it could be one of many more to come.  We're, of course, hoping for a call soon.

So, while we wait, there are a few things going on.

First...OH MY GOODNESS!  Little girls' clothes are so darn cute.  Bare with me, I've never had a girl so this is almost all new to me (almost because I do have three great nieces that I've shopped for/with).  Now, I know that you're thinking that I don't even know the age or size of child to buy for.  If, in fact, you are thinking that, you'd be right; however, it is consignment sale season and I just haven't been able to resist.  I've only gone on 1/2 price days and have been purchasing size 5's (and a few 6's).  My rationalization on that is this:  1.) our requested age is 3-5 so if the child we are matched with can't wear them now, she will grow into them later; 2.) if that doesn't happen, I have two nieces that will be getting some new used clothing.

But, seriously, I know that I have to stop buying clothing until we know more about sizes so my new focus is to begin collecting orphanage donations that we will take over with us when we go for court.  I have picked up some scrubs that were suggested to take over for the nannies and have a list of suggested items that I will be adding to the donations collection.

In addition, I did also purchase bedding for her room and I love virtually designing her space via Pinterest.  The room that she will be going into is currently a guest room and is going to require some work.  The current bed in there is a Queen size and, basically, takes up the entire room.  We're planning to go to a day bed so that we'll have room for a dresser/chest and, of course, baby dolls!  

Right now, court dates are being assigned (pretty consistently) six weeks out from referral so I wanted to go ahead and, at least, have a plan since there will be so much work to do in order to get the room ready once we return from our first trip.

In the meantime, all of those clothes need a place to hang and, currently, there is a rather large gun safe in what's to be her closet.  It's not going to be a small task to get it to its new destination (which is the garage) but, today, Jeff and his brother Jimmy (thanks for all of the help Jimmy) did a MAJOR organizational overhaul in our garage and the safe has a new home.  Now to get some strong men over here to carry that thing out.

In just a few days, we should be getting our faithful first of the month Wait List Update from our agency and we look forward, with prayerful anticipation, at where we'll land.  Mostly, I pray that many children received their forever families in the month of March.

Monday, March 26, 2012


A friend recently said to me, "You know there will be people who won't give her the same chance, right?".

She said this about my soon-to-be daughter who, by the way, will not be white.  (Since starting the adoption process, someone actually asked me if all Ethiopians were black).

And my answer to my friend was "yes".  But do I really GET that she will not be treated the same as my white children?  To be completely honest, I'm certain that I don't.

And then there was Trayvon Martin; an unarmed boy shot to death by a man who was told to leave him alone and to wait for back-up.  Maybe Trayvon was not JUST walking in a neighborhood eating Skittles, but did he deserve to die?

Jenn Hatmaker has done a great job on her blog; please read and be aware.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sadie, The "Big Girl Potty Club" and Her Cousin In Africa

I have eight of the cutest nieces and nephews that you've ever seen.  Yes, even 21 year old Hunter....still cute.

The youngest, Sadie Katherine (I like to call her "Sadie Kate") is a hoot.  Sadie is 3 going on 30 and has always talked just like an adult.  She is ALL about her "cousin in Africa" (which she pronunciates perfectly) and prays regularly for her.

Actually, a funny little side story is that she prays every night for her "cousin in Africa" and then one night she heard her brothers pray for their "cousin in Africa" and, when she did, she was astonished and said, "OH...they're getting a cousin from Africa too?".  She has no idea to this day that it's the same cousin; she thinks she's getting her very own.  So now she prays for her "cousin in Africa AND the boys' cousin in Africa".  Both of those girls need prayer, you know?

So anyway...Sadie, as smart as she is, has basically decided that she doesn't really want to use the potty.  She says that she simply can't use it all of the time because she's just a "small girl" (not a BIG girl as in "big girls use the potty").  Last week at her preschool she did very well pottying and her teachers gave her a certificate to the "Big Girl Potty Club"....she was actually very excited.  But then she got home and wet her pants.  She gladly returned her certificate the next day.  After all, she's just a small girl.  Last night, we were all at my Mom's and I was having a discussion with Sadie about her potty habits (she was wearing this exact tiara, by the way)......

Me:  "Sadie, tell me, there's something that I need to know...are you using the potty now?"
Sadie:  "Um...well, no.  I don't really want to and I'm not even in the Big Girl Potty Club anymore."
Me:  "Well Sadie, listen, I'm really going to need you to learn how to use the potty because when your cousin from Africa gets here, I may need for you to show her how to do're really the only one that can teach her so can you hurry up and learn so that she can come home?"

Sadie pondered that for a bit and then, suddenly, she needed to go potty ON the potty.

And she's pottied ON the potty ever since.

And she called me today to tell me that she potties on the potty now and so we need to hurry and get her cousin here.

God love her.

So, whoever is in charge of this whole process.....could you please speed it up over there?  Sadie can potty and she's looking for a good protege to share her knowledge with.  One cousin from Africa would be much appreciated.  Now.  Not later.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Be Moved....Help Korah

If you've been reading my blog for any period of time, you know that I have a love for the people of Korah.  We sponsor a young boy there (Teraku; through Project 61) and, really, just have a broken heart for the people who call Korah home.

(Teraku and I)
Korah, if you don't know, is a community outside of Addis Ababa, that is adjacent to a large landfill.  The people of Korah are among the poorest of the poor and, shockingly, they spend their days digging in the trash of the landfill in order to survive.  They search for things to resell and for things to eat.

Many years ago, Korah became the place where lepers were taken to live.  Those with leprosy were believed to be cursed and removed from the general population.  Generations later, it is difficult to leave the stigma of Korah behind.

I have attempted, since returning home, to stay connected to Korah and have done so through a couple of different organizations.  I have developed an online relationship with the founder of Hope For Korah and keep up with their work there.  Eve and I communicate fairly regularly and I am so touched by the work that she is doing there.  She has been sweet to always check on my boy, Teraku, and take him packages and letters that I have been able to send to her.  She has allowed him to eat through her Berta Breakfast Program and has matched him with a "buddy" (pen/prayer pal) through her Brother Sister Friend program.

 (These two pictures were taken at Teraku's home.  Pic above is of his sister inside the home and, below, is Teraku just outside of his home)

Eve has traveled to Ethiopia (and Korah) on many occasions but even she has been moved to tears at what she's most recently discovered.  Please read here and be moved to help Hope For Korah provide beds, blankets and pillows for the people of Korah.

Monday, March 5, 2012


It's right around the corner.

And we all know what that means......


What does that have to do with our adoption blog, you ask?

Well, let me tell you.

In honor of SPRING and our upcoming referral (that we hope will come soon), we have changed the price of our shirts.

You can now purchase our "Why Adopt?" tees for $20.00 each (and shipping is FREE). away (on our PayPal links to the left).

Please note that we are VERY low on the shirts that we have in stock right this minute.  An order has been placed.  For shirts that we have in stock, they will ship right away but if we happen to be out of your size at the moment, it will be 2-3 weeks.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Update

Each month, as you know, we receive an update from our agency that tells us where we are on our agency's wait list.  Last month, we were number 27.  Our agency is on the ball this month with updates being emailed today....March 1st.  We have moved to number.......

Moving two spots per month seems like a snail's pace in some ways but our email today reminded us that GREAT things are happening over at Lifeline.  Actually, since the last update, there have been SIX children matched with their forever families (a combination of healthy children, older children and special needs children) and that, my friends, is some good news.

An update to this update.....due to some conversations that took place with our agency a couple of weeks ago (because of something that came up), we were also able to get an update/number that is more specific to our age/gender parameters.  THIS particular update SEEMS very exciting (we're number FIVE for a 3-5 year old girl) and it is....but the truth remains that it could still be months before we receive a referral. could be days.  Oh, the unknown.  We will likely never know, until we get a referral call, if/when we move up on this particular list as it is too tedious for our agency to be able to update each family in this way.  

Again, we are EXACTLY where God has us and there's no better place to be.