Saturday, March 31, 2012

Another 'While We Wait' Post

Here we are at the end of another month (our third end-of-the month) since we were officially placed on the waiting list.  It could be our last end-of-the month (before we get a referral, that is) or it could be one of many more to come.  We're, of course, hoping for a call soon.

So, while we wait, there are a few things going on.

First...OH MY GOODNESS!  Little girls' clothes are so darn cute.  Bare with me, I've never had a girl so this is almost all new to me (almost because I do have three great nieces that I've shopped for/with).  Now, I know that you're thinking that I don't even know the age or size of child to buy for.  If, in fact, you are thinking that, you'd be right; however, it is consignment sale season and I just haven't been able to resist.  I've only gone on 1/2 price days and have been purchasing size 5's (and a few 6's).  My rationalization on that is this:  1.) our requested age is 3-5 so if the child we are matched with can't wear them now, she will grow into them later; 2.) if that doesn't happen, I have two nieces that will be getting some new used clothing.

But, seriously, I know that I have to stop buying clothing until we know more about sizes so my new focus is to begin collecting orphanage donations that we will take over with us when we go for court.  I have picked up some scrubs that were suggested to take over for the nannies and have a list of suggested items that I will be adding to the donations collection.

In addition, I did also purchase bedding for her room and I love virtually designing her space via Pinterest.  The room that she will be going into is currently a guest room and is going to require some work.  The current bed in there is a Queen size and, basically, takes up the entire room.  We're planning to go to a day bed so that we'll have room for a dresser/chest and, of course, baby dolls!  

Right now, court dates are being assigned (pretty consistently) six weeks out from referral so I wanted to go ahead and, at least, have a plan since there will be so much work to do in order to get the room ready once we return from our first trip.

In the meantime, all of those clothes need a place to hang and, currently, there is a rather large gun safe in what's to be her closet.  It's not going to be a small task to get it to its new destination (which is the garage) but, today, Jeff and his brother Jimmy (thanks for all of the help Jimmy) did a MAJOR organizational overhaul in our garage and the safe has a new home.  Now to get some strong men over here to carry that thing out.

In just a few days, we should be getting our faithful first of the month Wait List Update from our agency and we look forward, with prayerful anticipation, at where we'll land.  Mostly, I pray that many children received their forever families in the month of March.

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  1. Girl, I know what ages our kids are and I still can't wrap my mind around what sizes to get! It's just so hard to know! But scrambling to find clothes for four more kids after they get home sounds a little crazy, so I have just been trying to do my best guessing!

    Prayers for you always!