Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sadie, The "Big Girl Potty Club" and Her Cousin In Africa

I have eight of the cutest nieces and nephews that you've ever seen.  Yes, even 21 year old Hunter....still cute.

The youngest, Sadie Katherine (I like to call her "Sadie Kate") is a hoot.  Sadie is 3 going on 30 and has always talked just like an adult.  She is ALL about her "cousin in Africa" (which she pronunciates perfectly) and prays regularly for her.

Actually, a funny little side story is that she prays every night for her "cousin in Africa" and then one night she heard her brothers pray for their "cousin in Africa" and, when she did, she was astonished and said, "OH...they're getting a cousin from Africa too?".  She has no idea to this day that it's the same cousin; she thinks she's getting her very own.  So now she prays for her "cousin in Africa AND the boys' cousin in Africa".  Both of those girls need prayer, you know?

So anyway...Sadie, as smart as she is, has basically decided that she doesn't really want to use the potty.  She says that she simply can't use it all of the time because she's just a "small girl" (not a BIG girl as in "big girls use the potty").  Last week at her preschool she did very well pottying and her teachers gave her a certificate to the "Big Girl Potty Club"....she was actually very excited.  But then she got home and wet her pants.  She gladly returned her certificate the next day.  After all, she's just a small girl.  Last night, we were all at my Mom's and I was having a discussion with Sadie about her potty habits (she was wearing this exact tiara, by the way)......

Me:  "Sadie, tell me, there's something that I need to know...are you using the potty now?"
Sadie:  "Um...well, no.  I don't really want to and I'm not even in the Big Girl Potty Club anymore."
Me:  "Well Sadie, listen, I'm really going to need you to learn how to use the potty because when your cousin from Africa gets here, I may need for you to show her how to do're really the only one that can teach her so can you hurry up and learn so that she can come home?"

Sadie pondered that for a bit and then, suddenly, she needed to go potty ON the potty.

And she's pottied ON the potty ever since.

And she called me today to tell me that she potties on the potty now and so we need to hurry and get her cousin here.

God love her.

So, whoever is in charge of this whole process.....could you please speed it up over there?  Sadie can potty and she's looking for a good protege to share her knowledge with.  One cousin from Africa would be much appreciated.  Now.  Not later.


  1. What a sweet story. Straight from a 3 year old to God's ear and heart.

  2. Way to go Aunt Kelley! That's one way to get a girl to join the Big Girl Potty Club. LOL She just cracks me up. I hope her cousin comes soon too. :)