Monday, March 12, 2012

Be Moved....Help Korah

If you've been reading my blog for any period of time, you know that I have a love for the people of Korah.  We sponsor a young boy there (Teraku; through Project 61) and, really, just have a broken heart for the people who call Korah home.

(Teraku and I)
Korah, if you don't know, is a community outside of Addis Ababa, that is adjacent to a large landfill.  The people of Korah are among the poorest of the poor and, shockingly, they spend their days digging in the trash of the landfill in order to survive.  They search for things to resell and for things to eat.

Many years ago, Korah became the place where lepers were taken to live.  Those with leprosy were believed to be cursed and removed from the general population.  Generations later, it is difficult to leave the stigma of Korah behind.

I have attempted, since returning home, to stay connected to Korah and have done so through a couple of different organizations.  I have developed an online relationship with the founder of Hope For Korah and keep up with their work there.  Eve and I communicate fairly regularly and I am so touched by the work that she is doing there.  She has been sweet to always check on my boy, Teraku, and take him packages and letters that I have been able to send to her.  She has allowed him to eat through her Berta Breakfast Program and has matched him with a "buddy" (pen/prayer pal) through her Brother Sister Friend program.

 (These two pictures were taken at Teraku's home.  Pic above is of his sister inside the home and, below, is Teraku just outside of his home)

Eve has traveled to Ethiopia (and Korah) on many occasions but even she has been moved to tears at what she's most recently discovered.  Please read here and be moved to help Hope For Korah provide beds, blankets and pillows for the people of Korah.

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  1. Kelley - thank you so much for sharing your heart for Korah... It is amazing to see how God can bring so many of us, from so many different places together, to make a difference in the lives of those living in Korah... and at the same time He uses these beautiful people to make a difference in us! I am glad to be on this journey with you. :)