Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Email Update (7) - 3/22/14

My friend Susan's son, Evan (when he was little) used to sing, "shippin' been a cowboy" with gusto.  He loved that song, but sang it wrong….always.  

As for me, I always thought Shakira sang, "It's Time for Africa"; but I learned today, as I googled the spelling for Shakira, that it's actually "This Time for Africa"….which really messes up this post that I'm writing to tell you…..


And that's all I really need to say about that.  But for those of you who are into the details, we have a COURT DATE !!!  On Tuesday, April 8th, we will appear before a judge in Ethiopia as we LONG to hear those long-awaited words, "she is yours".  

Thank you for being faithful prayer warriors for the Williams family……all soon-to-be FIVE of us.