Sunday, April 1, 2012

Give 1 Save 1

I've been meaning to do a post about Give 1 Save 1 for quite some time.  It's a great site/organization that was established by an adoptive mom who knew, as many of us seem to, that when God called her to adoption, it went beyond their own adoption story.  Jeff and I feel the same way.
The Give 1 Save 1 idea is awesome.  Each Monday a new family is introduced through the site ( and each reader is asked to GIVE 1....$ help SAVE 1....1 orphan.  It is amazing to see the funds add up each week for the featured family.

I'm so excited, in addition to just telling you about Give 1 Save 1, to introduce you to this week's family....THE SANFORD'S.  Mom, Kim, traveled with me to Ethiopia in July and, since returning home has embarked on a journey to adopt NOT one, NOT two, NOT three, but FOUR children.  Go on over to and hear they're story.  And while you're there, go ahead and GIVE $1 (or, even better, give $ for each child who now has a family).

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