Monday, April 2, 2012

Two Steps Forward, NO Steps Back

...and that's a very good thing.  (See, the glass IS half full.)

Today was the day that we received our monthly wait list update from our agency.

Our April number is:

This number, really, doesn't tell the whole story about our wait, but it's the one "tangible" thing that we have right now that shows movement.  Other than this monthly update email, we really don't hear from our agency during this phase of the adoption (which is fine...there is really no need for anything more; it just makes receiving this email extra special because, well,  it's something).  The fact that we were 25 last month and 23 this month seems to say that there were 2 referrals within our agency in March, but that's not necessarily the case.  It is highly likely that families with numbers larger than ours have received referrals.  The way that this happens is that the referrals were given for a child outside of the parameters of our application/home study.  For instance, someone with a number greater than ours could have accepted a referral for a 12 year old boy, a sibling set or a special needs boy/girl, for instance.  This also means that we will likely get a referral before some families whose number is less than ours.  Are you adequately confused?  Mission accomplished.  : )

We know that a month ago, we were number 5 in our gender/age specific "category" (3-5 year old girl) but this is not a number that will be updated regularly.  In fact, we will likely never have an update to this number....until, of course, we get a referral call.....and then we TOTALLY won't care about this number any longer.

So, anyway, that's our number for April.  Still waiting (sometimes not so) patiently but thankful that we continue to move toward our girl.


  1. Hey! I just found your blog through a mutual friends'. My husband and I are adopting from Ethiopia as well! We are JUST going to be beginning the process and are SO excited. Praying for you along your journey. 23 is such an AWESOME number!

  2. Congratulations guys!!! Your patience will be rewarded. You've come so far in such a short time. Any advice for those that are at the dossier/education stage with lifeline?