Monday, April 30, 2012

While We Wait

Here we are on the cusp of a new month, which (as you know if you've been following) means that we will soon be receiving a new wait list update.  Our agency notifies each family at the beginning of each month (for the last two months, we've actually gotten our update ON the first) where they fall on the agency's waiting list.  Just being honest, my patience becomes less graceful as each month passes and, at the same time, I know that there are many who have been waiting longer; we personally know people who have been waiting for a referral for over a year.

I wanted to post before we actually get our wait list update for the month of May and then I will post again once we receive it.  To be completely transparent, for some reason, I am anticipating this month's number to leave me discouraged and I figure that no one wants to hear from Debbie Downer.  I have absolutely no reason, by the way, to believe that we will move any less than we ever have; just being especially pessimistic, I guess.

This month, while we wait, we've been furniture shopping.  We have narrowed down some of our options and are almost ready to order furniture for our daughter's room.  Granted, a referral could still be months away; however, lately, once a referral is received, the rest of the process has been more efficient so, since we will be ordering furniture that will take several weeks to arrive, we thought it best to go ahead and make those decisions and place the order.  I'm liking crisp white like this?  (What is it about white that screams little girl room?)

In addition, I've been trying to learn a little Amharic.  We purchased an app for our iPads that teach some basic words and phrases.  In addition, I purchased this book & CD set that, I believe, will come in very handy.

See you soon with a new update.  In the meantime, amesegenallo for stopping by.  (That's "thank you" in Amharic).  : )


  1. can't wait to hear the may waitlist! :)

  2. It's 4:51AM in Ethiopia and your baby girl is sleeping and dreaming of you. You are all going to be BLESSED!
    Jan Whitaker