Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wait List Update and More

Our agency has completely spoiled us by sending our wait list updates out on the first day of the month.  Can I just tell you that I checked my email yesterday (as someone on our agency's FB page said) like it was my job?  Late yesterday, we received word that we would get the update today.

Lord, give me patience and give it to me NOW.  : )

So, Lesley (our agency's Ethiopia program director) delivered as promised and, today, our number is.......
Yes, we moved up two spots (again).  Based upon my post from Monday, you may think that I'm a bit bummed by that.  But I'm so not.  You know why?  Because, not only did Lesley send us an updated wait list number but she also included a listing of the referrals that were given out in the month of April.  TEN children were matched with their forever families in April and, I don't care who you are, you can't not celebrate that.  To focus on anything other than the GLORY of that would be wrong.  ONE infant (age 0-2) has a new family (Praise Him!), TWO toddlers (ages 2-5) have a new family (Praise Him!), TWO older children (6+) have a new family (Praise Him!), TWO special needs children have a new family (Praise Him) and ONE sibling set of THREE has a new family (Praise Him!).

He is good...always!  His timing is perfect for my family, the exact same way that it was for the families who received referrals in April.  (Be sure and remind me I said this the next time I'm belly aching about being tired of waiting).

Edited (5/10/12) to add:  Our agency has a FB page and, following the monthly updates, several families posted their new wait numbers as well as what age/gender child they were approved for.  Not all families are on the page so this isn't completely accurate but, of the families who responded, there were seven families with numbers SMALLER than ours who are NOT in our same age/gender "category", what this means is that 1.) I'm not very successful with my patient waiting; and 2.) taking this into consideration, we are AT LEAST #14.

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