Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our Pre Update Update & While We Wait

Our Pre Update Update

As we wind up another month, our minds and hearts begin to long for our monthly update.  Being told what number we are on the wait list is really just a barometer; it doesn't really tell us anything about when we might get a referral but, for now, it is the most tangible thing that we have to show us that we are moving in the right direction.

Our agency's program director is on a well-deserved vacation this week and, bless her heart, when she emailed us all to tell us that she was leaving for vacation, she confirmed that even though she would be vacationing with her family, she would not stop giving referrals (if and when they became available).  I love her commitment to "our" kids.  In addition, she notified us that our new numbers would be available on June 4th or 5th, so I'll have that update then.

While We Wait

We did order furniture for "little girl's" room.....the bed itself is on backorder but should be in in the next two to three weeks.  We have asked them to deliver all pieces at once so once the bed is in, it will all be delivered and set up.  I would LOVE to have a referral BEFORE the furniture comes in and plan NOT to decorate until we see her sweet face.

I (Kelley) traveled to Chicago this Memorial Day weekend with my Mom, my two sisters and my two nieces.  We took the girls for an American Girl (doll / store) experience and it was great fun.  We took them to the store in Atlanta several years ago.  The Atlanta store is nice but nothing in comparison to Chicago's American Girl store.  It was a great time and we talked about and look forward to having a new cousin with us next time around.  I couldn't resist buying her her first doll and it will be here waiting for her when she's finally home.

Now that my boys are out of school and we're all together for the summer, we will soon be getting vaccinations (everyone but me....I'm all caught up) for our upcoming trip to Ethiopia.  Aside from that, there's not much that we can do but wait, hope and pray.

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