Thursday, January 3, 2013

One Year

Earlier today, I shared the following as my Facebook status.  Thought I would post it here, for the record:

One year ago today we were paper ready and officially placed on the waiting list with our adoption agency. I didn't think we could ever be more excitedly expectant than we were on that day, but now I know, these 365 days later that I was wrong. God has grown a love for her in our hearts and taught us so very many lessons about Him and about ourselves in this time. We're ready, God, whenever you are.

What's funny is that as I was copying and pasting this status to post here, my FB friend and fellow Lifeline adoptive mom, April (whose family landed on the waiting list the same exact day as we did), commented that we actually had been waiting one year as of YESTERDAY (the 2nd).  Apparently, I'm getting so good at waiting that I've lost track.    

By the way, April and her husband received their referral several weeks ago and are now waiting for a court date.  Could you pray that their case moves along and they are able to travel soon?

A new year is always encouraging.  A fresh start.  And I have to say that starting this new year with the promise that our girl will join our family in the coming year feels great.  It has also been encouraging to reflect on the things that He has shown us during the wait; for the gifts that He's given us through friends that we've made with like hearts, and through the reminders from our dearest friends and family of the love that others already have for our girl.  

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  1. So excited for you guys!! We'll keep April in our prayers as well. God bless!