Monday, April 1, 2013

Monthly Wait-List Update

It occurred to me today that that monthly email that, for so many months, we have anxiously waited on has completely lost its charm.

It came again today and, as we expected, we remain at #2 (for the third month in a row).

I would be lying if I said that I was anything less than frustrated and/or discouraged.  Just being real.  We do know where our hope lies and we know that His plan is perfect.  But we're human.  And no matter how hard I try, I just can't get excited about the prospect of more waiting.

We were able to make some forward progress with Jordan's fingerprinting today.  As I updated last, we didn't get Jordan's fingerprint appointment notice back with ours.  We went on Spring Break last week and I was hopeful that his print paperwork would come while we were gone.  But it didn't.  Luckily, our mailman is also a dear friend from church so he was looking out for it and texting each day.  Finally, I emailed the USCIS and, same day, got a reply that his paperwork had somehow been missed when ours was processed.  The nice lady was able to make him an appointment that day (for April 15th) and get the letter out to us.  The potential problem with all of this was that 1.) our prints would be expired by April 15th (which isn't a problem if we don't have a referral; but, if we do, we wouldn't want to have to wait on that little detail); and 2.) in order for Jordan to have prints done on this date, he would have to miss class.  SO....his Spring Break doesn't end until tomorrow so we took a chance and went over to the local USCIS office today (he is leaving later this afternoon to head back to UU) to see if they would fingerprint him.  And they did!!!  And so now we've all completed that next step in the recertification process and are good for the time being.  Our home study expires in July so that will be next.

On Saturday, my sister posted a picture of my 4-year-old niece having her little fingernails and toenails painted for Easter.  I can not tell a lie, I had a little moment of pity for myself; that I wasn't somewhere getting little fingers and toes all PINKED up.  Next year, we keep telling ourselves, next year.


  1. Ugh, Kelley...I'm sorry you're still holding at #2! Praying that this is the month for both of us!!!

    1. Well, listen, a truly extra special added bonus to this whole debacle would be that we would be able to travel together. Wouldn't that be something?

  2. His timing is perfect. I know that the waiting is so very hard, but someday all the details and the waiting will tell a beautiful story of a precious little princess. Hang in there!!

  3. Yes, next year you will be getting little fingers and toes pinked up for sure!! Praying for you, Kelley! I think April will be your month! ;-)