Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Four Months Home

I can't tell you how often I've thought about this blog.  About how much I poured out here over our time of waiting; about how much encouragement we were given here; about how far behind it is (there came a point in our adoption process that we had to make it private and eventually, when that happened, I got really bad about posting updates….since no one was able to read them and all); and about how I needed to catch up.  I guess now is as good a time as any to jump back in…..

Four months ago today, we stepped off of the plane in Nashville with our girl.  In some ways, it seems like yesterday; in others, it seems another life ago.

These four months have been a mixture of awe and angst, of love and loss, of hope and despair.  We've experienced really high highs and some heartbreaking lows.

Halle Yenenesh brings such life to our family.  We love to experience life with her and through her; she reminds us of the wonder in things that we take for granted.  She is a joy and a blessing to us.  But, at the same time (keeping her story "her" story), she comes from a place of great loss.  We often are reminded that she knows loss that many of us in our lifetime never will.  It's hard working through that with her, but it's an honor and a privilege that I would never trade.  I look forward with great anticipation of seeing God redeem her in every way.

On a much lighter note, she loves her brothers, clothes and shoes (and, for that I am so thankful because, quite honestly, shopping for her might just be my all time favorite thing to do), ice cream, our dog Bentley and Disney Princesses (all of them).  She's a real girl's girl…..except for the fact that she belches and farts just like the boys (which, I might add, makes her Daddy quite proud).

Sometimes your life can be incomplete and you don't even realize it.  I'm so thankful that God knows and that he set the lonely in our family.  And I'm so thankful to see all that He has in store for "our girl".

(I promise to update more often and include some pictures along the way.  If you follow either of us on Facebook, you know that she's quite the entertainer.  This little old blog has missed out these last four months; I'll do my best to make it up).

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