Friday, October 28, 2011

What's happening over here?

We're trudging right along and making great strides (sort of).

There are just some things that can't be of those is the current InterCountry Adoption Seminar that we are (independently) doing online. We have found that our agency is extremely thorough in educating adoptive parents along the way and, though I believe that that is absolutely best and I know that I will be thankful in the end, sometimes I feel as if we're getting

We are mostly done with the written exercises that were part of our educational requirements (mostly, not completely). We have the seminar that we are doing now plus one other (that we haven't yet registered for) and two books (purchased and begun) to read before all of these requirements are fulfilled.

At the same time, since we completed our home study visits, our Social Worker is working to complete our home study report (which becomes part of our dossier) and I am working, as well, on required document/processing for the dossier paperwork. Some of the paperwork required in the dossier was also required for the Home Study so those are in order but there are others we're starting fresh on; others we had for the Home Study but didn't require notarization....the same paperwork with notarization is required for the dossier so we'll double-back and do those again.

It's likely that no one (but me) cares about all of these details but, just like childbirth, I know that someday I will forget how stressful this was and this will serve as a reminder of the work that was involved.

The EXCITING thing that's happening is that, today, I am placing our first shirt orders. The orders have been trickling in and we are anxious to have those first buyers out in the community wearing our shirt; raising awareness about the orphan crisis that is a reality. If you've been thinking you'd like a shirt, NOW is a great time to order to be certain that we have your size this time around. We will order more in the future but your wait will be longer as we have to have at least 24 to place an order.

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