Sunday, December 4, 2011

As One Journey Ends......

It seemed only appropriate as we mailed our dossier last week that, as our journey officially began, that of our friends Chris and Valerie came to a sweet end (or in some ways, the true beginning but, for the purposes of this post, an end). As we were letting go of our paperwork, they were in Ethiopia to travel home with their girls, Hana and Abekeya.

The Hulshof family is near and dear to our hearts (we are friends and we are neighbors; we are church family) and we have watched them travel this adoption road over the past year.

What a Thanksgiving blessing they received when they left the day after to travel as a family to Ethiopia to bring those sweet girls home.

And we were/are overwhelmingly humbled to have been able to meet them at the airport when they arrived home. We look forward to loving these girls along with the rest of the family (which we're already more than just a little fond of..;) and are so thankful that our Ethiopian little one will have friends from her native country in her life in this way.

Welcome Home Hulshof 8....we love you!

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