Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Timeline of events thus far...dossier tracker

Okay, I know I posted for the first time yesterday and now here I am posting again when I should be working, but I promised to keep you updated on things. Here is a timeline of where we are on our dossier, and to make this seem a bit more personal, I am renaming the dossier and giving it a good, female Ethiopian name which is Abeba (pronounced ah Beh bah), which means flower:
  • Saturday, Nov. 26 - sent Abeba to Lifeline Adoptions in Louisville via Fedex
  • Monday, Nov. 28 - Abeba was received in Louisville by Lifeline
  • Wednesday, Nov. 30 - Abeba left Louisville bound for St. George, Utah (U.S. home of West Sands which the in-country adoption rep in Ethiopia)
  • Thursday, Dec. 1 - Abeba arrived in Utah. While there, she went from the office of West Sands to the State of Utah offices for authentication (meaning they check all of our information and confirm we exist).
  • Tuesday, Dec. 20 - Abeba left Utah bound for Washington DC. While there she traveled with a courier called "Caring Hands" that personally babysat her on her trip to the U.S. State Department for authentication and to the Ethiopian Embassy for authentication.
  • Tuesday, Dec. 27 - Abeba left Washington DC bound for St. George, Utah to the offices of West Sands. As of right now, she is sitting on Angela's desk at West Sands awaiting her long trip via Fedex to Ethiopia to the West Sands offices there.

That is all we have at this moment. Make sure and pray for Abeba, for safe travel and for a quick, trouble-free trip into the hands of the Ethiopian government...thanks so much and God bless.

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