Thursday, August 30, 2012

While We Wait (and a family update)

Over here at the Williams household, things are back to school-year-normal.  Jordan is back at Union University for his Sophomore year.  We miss him around here but continue to be so thankful for the opportunity that he has to learn at UU.  This semester, he is taking Greek which is sure to be a challenge.  Braeden is back at the bottom of the proverbial totem pole as a Freshman at Ravenwood High School.  He seems to really be enjoying the new atmosphere and LIKES school.  This is new and different...and such a welcomed change.

We're once again approaching the beginning of a new month and, next week, should receive a new update as to where we stand on our agency's wait list.  The 1st falls on the upcoming long holiday (Labor Day) weekend, so our email will likely not come until next week.  I am anticipating that we will be #10 but single digits would be fun too, huh?

In the meantime, I'm so humbled and proud of my sister Ashley and brother-in-law John who have been attending PATH classes to become certified to foster children.  This decision has come after MUCH prayer and consideration.  They are doing lots of room moving and house prep to prepare themselves for placements and should actually be able, by the end of September, to begin taking in children.  Please be in prayer for their family (and the children who will potentially be placed there) and feel free to follow along as their story unfolds.

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