Tuesday, August 7, 2012

While We Wait - Empowered Conference

An adopted child ALWAYS comes as the result of a loss.

Because of that, parenting the adopted child is different.  Their ability to trust has been threatened and, often, because they have had many caregivers, a parent is nothing special....just another somebody who will take care of me and then leave.  

Thankfully, there are great resources available for families who are adopting, fostering, etc.  We were required, through our agency, to read several of the most well respected books on the subject.  In addition, we did two online seminars as part of the preparation for our adoption.

We recently registered to attend an Empowered to Connect Conference which is being sponsored by Show Hope and is being held at a church (literally) down the street from us.  It is a great opportunity to build on what we've already been reading and learning and, for me (Kelley), it just gives me something to do while we wait.

We are looking forward to learning more and to spending time with some other adoptive families.

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