Friday, December 28, 2012

While We Wait - Gifts

I'm not going to lie.  I (Kelley) have been weepy more than once during the Christmas holidays as my heart has longed for our girl.  When we first got on the waiting list with our agency, we were told by our caseworker that she expected us to receive a referral in 3 to 4 months.  Here we are almost 12 months later...with no referral.

Some of you wonder how we can already love a child we do not know.  I know you think this....because some of you have asked.  And the only explanation that I have is....God.  We love (her) because He first loved (us).  He placed us on this journey and, already, He has instilled a love in our hearts for our daughter.

And as our families gathered this Christmas season, I often found myself on the verge of tears (or in tears) as her absence with us for another holiday weighed heavily on my heart.

But God, as He is always so very faithful to do, gave me/us the gift of SO many reminders of His great love for us.  And for our "LG" (Little Girl).

We received physical gifts like these.......that let us know that she was in the hearts of others:

We received precious notes in books soon to be hers....reminding her that she is loved and prayed for.
(This one, by the way, was a tear jerker for me).

Prayers were prayed for her as we gathered at mealtime; sweet prayers but painful reminders that one of us was missing in our (daily) lives but not in our hearts.

And at times when I needed the reminder(s), sweet friends randomly sent messages through cards, calls, Facebook or text messages reminding me that we were being thought of, prayed for and loved.  Messages like this:  "You certainly do not have to worry that she is being covered in prayer...y'all too, I have no doubt".  And this:  "When you get sad and your faith feels weak, you can rest in knowing others are standing in the gap for you".  Messages reminding us that loved ones were thinking of "our little pink boots" and how they SOON would be filled.  Reminders to "hang in there; it's going to be SO worth the wait".  I'm so very thankful for ALL of these gifts, for a loving and faithful Gift Giver who, through the Holy Spirit, reminds others to remind us that we are not forgotten....and when I say "we", of course I mean "SHE". 

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  1. Yes, she is loved and I can't wait to welcome her home!