Wednesday, December 12, 2012

While We Wait - So Close & Yet So Far

It was about this time last year that we posed for our annual Christmas cards wearing our newly designed/produced Adoption T-Shirts.  And as I penned our (not always) annual Christmas letter, I used that forum to announce that we were adopting.  At the time, we had just recently sent our dossier on its way to Ethiopia and we were so certain that this year's picture would include our little girl.

(November 2011 - Photo Credit to Jeff Williams and the camera's timer:)

As Thanksgiving 2012 approached and I began to think about this year's card/letter, I knew that we had to include her somehow.

And what represents life with girls more than a little PINK?

I not only wanted to have her present through the color pink but I also wanted to honor her country and make note of the fact that she's so close but yet so far away.  

(November 2012 - Photo credit to Emily Drake Photography)

We are SO very hopeful that those little boots will be filled in 2013!


  1. Love the picture! Can't wait for the referral post!