Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Email Update (3) - 01/27/14

Even though the blog is currently private and we are communicating with our "followers" via email, I wanted to post the updates that we send out here so that, in the end, we have everything in one spot.

New week, new hope.

As I write this update, it is 7:30 pm in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  Their work day has drawn to a close as ours has begun.  This Monday brings a renewed hope that this could be our week.  Our agency typically hears each day whether or not any letters were issued (the one letter that we need to make us court date eligible).  We haven't heard (yet) today.

Our specific prayer requests are as follows:

  • Continue to pray for Yenenesh's heart.  Pray that she has peace that we are coming for her; that she is happy, healthy and knows how much she is loved.  
  • Pray that our MOWCYA letter is issued THIS week and that we are granted a QUICK court date (trust me, we can be ready to FLY at the drop of a hat).
  • As I have shared in previous updates, the next step after passing court is for our case to clear Embassy.  This can take up to 12 weeks following the court date.  Yenenesh's birthday is April 19th.  Our heartfelt prayer is that she will be home by her birthday.
  • As you pray for our family, please also pray for Matt & Brianne Kopp; a fellow Lifeline/WCS family who find themselves in the exact same predicament that we are in.  It has been a blessing to have them to share in the ups and downs of this journey; we are all hoping our letters are issued at the same time so that we will travel and meet our girls together as well.

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