Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Email Update (2) - 01/11/14

Even though the blog is currently private and we are communicating with our "followers" via email, I wanted to post the updates that we send out here so that, in the end, we have everything in one spot.

As I shared with you in my last update, some new policies have been implemented in Ethiopia that caused our file to begin to move backward instead of forward.  

We received some great news yesterday regarding these changes.  Apparently, a large group of in-country agency reps appealed to the Director of Federal MOWCYA (the authority on adoption in ET) on behalf of families like ours whose cases had, at one time, made it to the Federal level.  What they asked and what has been decided is that any and all cases that were filed prior to the end of October, could forego the new procedures and pick up where we left off, waiting for that one letter that we need at the Federal level.  We were told that this would require a new "adoption law" to be documented (grandfathering these families/cases in) and that that was being done ASAP (it was our in-country rep's impression that that official task would be done on Friday but we don't have word that that actually happened just yet).

What this means for us is that we do not have to wait for the new form at the local level or the new signature at the regional level. Instead, our file will be delivered back to the Federal authorities who will add their approval letter; the letter which FINALLY makes us eligible for a court date.  Our file then goes to the court where they assign our court date.  Once that court date is established, we will be contacted regarding our travel.  We are hopeful that, because of the many delays that we have experienced (as well as approximately 40-50 other families from various agencies who got caught up in this mess) and because of the pressure that the in-country reps have placed on the powers that be there, that these letters will be processed swiftly and a court date is just around the corner.

Our specific prayers/praises are as follows:

  • So very thankful for our agency who has communicated beautifully with us throughout this delay; thankful for their transparency and, mostly, for their hard work and steadfast prayers for our girl and for our family.  Thankful for an in-country rep who is passionate about the children of Ethiopia, about the process and about the families.
  • We sent letters to Yenenesh on Monday.  Woudneh (the in-country rep) will be reading those to her for us.  We continue to pray for her heart; that she has peace that we are coming for her; that she is happy, healthy and knows how much she is loved.
  • Pray that our file makes it's way safely and intact back to Addis and that it is made COMPLETE with a letter from MOWCYA this week   and a court date next week.
  • As I shared in our last update, the next step after passing court is for our case to clear Embassy.  This can take up to 12 weeks following the court date.  Yenenesh's birthday is April 19th.  Our heartfelt prayer is that she will be home by her birthday. 
  • Pray that the next time you hear from me it's to tell you we are Africa bound!  

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