Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Email Update (4) - 01/29/14

Even though the blog is currently private and we are communicating with our "followers" via email, I wanted to post the updates that we send out here so that, in the end, we have everything in one spot.

We started this week with great hope that this was our week.  

It's not.

Yesterday we heard through the (adoption) grapevine that courts are closed in Ethiopia until February 24th (due to the fact that the Judge; yes, there's ONE judge) is on vacation.  Our agency is working to confirm this but it does seem to be the case.  The exact same thing happened this time last year.

Today we were notified that the agency (MOWCYA) that we need to issue our final letter is back in the office working but are not issuing letters yet.  They say that they will begin next week.  But we've received empty promises before.

I'm not going to lie; we are struggling.  It's hard to have a positive attitude this week.  We know that we know that we know that God is in control, that His plan and His timing are best; but we are human.  And we are weary.  And we aren't getting any younger.  : )

Please say a prayer for us today; that God would restore our hope and move mountains in our case (and the Kopps') and that MOWCYA would make issuing these letters a TOP priority.

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