Monday, November 5, 2012

Dear LG ("Little Girl),

Yesterday, in honor of Orphan Sunday, Jeff posted the sweetest "note" on Facebook and I wanted to share it here so that we will always have it to remember.

"To LG (my Little Girl): 

I have been waiting 306 days today for you to come home. I know you have been waiting a lot longer than that. I prayed and hoped you would be home by now, but you're not. I pray each day for you, that you aren't hungry, or cold, or lonely, or wet, or being abused. I pray that you know you are loved and that Mom and Dad are coming for you in God's time. But still we wait. I love you LG. I pray that this is the last Orphan Sunday that we celebrate apart...".

I love where God has taken/is taking our family; His fingerprints are clearly on this journey and, as we get closer to the end of this part of things, I can't help but wonder where He might use us to help others (adoptive families, adoption ministry, orphans, etc.).

On another (very exciting) note, before we went to bed last night, I took one last peek at Facebook and learned that our agency had given out a referral (on Orphan cool) to the family in the #1 position (as of November 1st).  This family received the referral of a 2 1/2 year old girl which is very encouraging as toddler/preschool-age referrals have been few and far between lately.  For us, this means that we are unofficially (we won't get a new "official" number until December) now #5!  3 of the 4 families in front of us are on a FB group for our agency; 2 of them are waiting for girls, age 0-2 and one is waiting for a girl, age 0-4.  I am unsure of the parameters for the missing family (now in the #1 spot....unofficially, of course) but it is very possible that we are next in line for a girl older than 4.  

Boldly, I'm praying for a referral by Thanksgiving.

Edited to add:  The minute that I shared this update to Facebook and hopped over to make sure that it posted, I noticed a new post in our FB group (the one for families in our agency).  The family who had been holding the #3 spot (since Thursday) received a referral today for an 8-month-old baby girl.  I think that this means that (remember, we are unsure of the family in the #2 spot but think that they are waiting for a boy) we are next in line for a girl over the age of 4 and second in line for a girl over 2.  


  1. These referrals are so exciting! You can change that current waitlist number again! :)

  2. in a THIRD time since Thursday?