Tuesday, November 27, 2012

While We Wait - Peace and Prayers

You know those (Type A) people who punch the elevator button OVER and OVER and OVER....as if the elevator might come more quickly?

Yeah.  I'm not one of those people.

Really.  I'm not.  (Jeff is but that's another story for another day;).

However, I have attempted to be one of those people in the last several months as we have gotten closer and closer to the top of the wait list.  (As if there is anything that I might be able to do to speed things up).  I've analyzed the wait list over and over again (just like pushing the elevator button); I've spent time plotting out in my mind what steps would need to take place when the call comes (where will I be...where will Jeff be....how will I get in touch with him...how long will it take us to get to the same location so that we can see her face together for the first time); and I have stared at the face of my cell phone, willing it to ring, far too often.

Lately, I've felt so much peace about God's timing and I have (sortof) been able to let go of much of the anxiety.  (Now, next week -or tomorrow- when I'm stressing again, don't hold that against me...okay?).  My brother's wedding, having house guests and the arrival of the holidays has probably been good for me in this regard.  I like peace.

It occurred to me in the last day or so that, while I have this peace, I should do something positive with my time and, in addition to my normal go-to things like cleaning, laundry and, for now, breaking out the Christmas decor, I decided that I wanted to do something I haven't done not one time in the last 11 months.  Pray for my fellow waiting families.  Each of them.

 (Actually, I have prayed for some specific families when they've been at certain points or experiencing certain things in their journey(s) but I've never blanketed the whole group in prayer).

You know, we are not the only Lifeline family.  In fact, when we were added to the wait list in January of 2012, we came onto the list at #29.  Today, there are more than 90 families waiting to adopt a little one from Ethiopia through Lifeline Children's Services.  And there are many others who are in various different steps of the paperwork process.

I have begun to pray for each family and the child (or children) who soon will join their families.  Will you join me and pray for them too?


  1. Love this! We all need each other's prayers. Sorry if I have contributed to your wait list obsession! ha! I, too, tried to let it go in the last couple of weeks, but the end of the month updates always make me a little anxious!

    1. Oh no, Meaghan, I've done that all on my own. It's been my "thing"....the thing that made me feel like a I had a little control over something - ha! Trust me, I'll be checking my email for the monthly update like it's my job come Friday (hoping for an early update:).