Tuesday, January 18, 2011

From The Mouths of Babes

For a couple of years, Jeff & I have considered sponsoring a child through Compassion International but, unfortunately, like some other great intentions that we've had, we started at talking and stopped at doing. We'd never signed up.

However, when our boys went to Student Life Camp last Summer (2010) at Orange Beach, they were given an opportunity to sponsor a child through Compassion and did. Joseph Adjei is our sponsored child. Joseph is an 8-year-old from Ghana.

We write to and receive letters from him regularly. The letters are written on a sort of form that has helps/prompts to help Joseph determine the things that he'd like to say to us. A translator does the actual writing for him.

Imagine our surprise when, in late November, we received a letter from him with the prompt, "Child's prayer for Sponsor". Joseph's response to this prompt (and I quote) was,

"Joseph prays that the Lord should bless you and your family and make it big".

.......and I don't think he meant tall. ; )

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