Monday, January 17, 2011

Ordinary Hero

While reading the Johnson's family blog (see last post), Kristy often referred to her sister, Kelly, or linked to Kelly's blog. Kelly has an amazing personal testimony and, the more I read, the more I wanted to read. Kelly is a person who, in a crisis situation, doesn't just say something like, "let me know if there's anything I can do". Instead, she finds a need and then finds a way to fill it. Mostly, she has done this through contacting everyone she knows when a specific need arises and, each time, finds someone who was ready, willing and able to step up and fill whatever need is out there. Emailing and calling on friends has, this past year, become a non-profit ministry...Ordinary Hero (

So, occasionally, at Kristy's prompting, I'd go to Kelly's site. Eventually, I became a regular follower (just in case Kristy forgot to remind me.....I didn't want to miss a thing) and soon I read a post where Kelly's last name was mentioned (which I hadn't known previously). Putty. Hmm. Braeden has a friend with that last name....could it be the same family?

As it turns out, Kelly doesn't just live in the area but she and her family live in our subdivision. Small world.

In the late Fall/early Winter of 2010, our Community Group was researching possible service opportunities that we could take part in. One of the first organization's that came to mind was Ordinary Hero. (OH is involved in both local and global ministry). Kelly was kind enough to come to our Community Group one night and share her heart; what she was/is doing in the Nashville area and what she is doing in Ethiopia (where she too has adopted a son).

This visit turned out to be very productive. Not only did our CG participate in a local stocking stuffing event but our dear friends, Chris and Valerie, were moved to adopt and my sister and I are going, in July, with Ordinary Hero to Ethiopia.


  • Read about the Christmas outreach here:
  • Follow Chris and Valerie's adoption at
  • Read here about the 2010 "Kicking and Dreaming" Ethiopia trip:
  • Watch this video to see one of the experiences the members of the 2010 team had. Our team will visit this same area in 2011.

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